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  • Product Description : Ideal for Masterbatch production. Water ring type pelletizer. Available as an individual stand alone unit. Good for PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, EVA, POM, CA, TPR, TPE etc. Various models like TF/TFD with an hourly output from 50 to 1000 kg/hr. Very Low Power Consumption compared to standard Spaghetti Strand Pelletizer Systems. Easily adaptable to your existing line without major modifications. Made from Stainless Steel Material for long life of equipment. Closed Circuit Water system with very low consumption and minimum Wastage. Advanced ergonomics yet simple Control Panel. Our Die-face recycle technology delivers excellent quality granules with purity to its maximum and accurately cut virgin like pellets, which permits the final consumer to get improved processing and flow characteristics. This enhances the price of reprocessed material tremendously.

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